NDP: As Omicron hits Saskatchewan, Scott Moe throws in the towel

SASKATOON - In light of today’s announcement that the Premier will not be implementing any new health measures to address the Omicron fifth wave, despite COVID case numbers doubling over 24 hours, Official Opposition Leader Ryan Meili called on the Premier ramp up, not water down public health measures that keep Saskatchewan people safe. 

“What is frustrating is that it’s Scott Moe who has refused to learn any lessons, while Saskatchewan people continue to pay the price,” said Meili. “We know that it takes two weeks for new measures to take effect to lower hospitalizations. If we are waiting to see an increase in hospitalizations and ICU admissions before acting, we will be two weeks too late. Again. Why this government won’t take proactive measures is beyond comprehension.”  

COVID-19 infection rates in Saskatchewan have nearly doubled overnight, with a 10-fold increase in Omicron cases in less than two weeks. This continues to present unprecedented challenges for provinces across Canada. Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta all posted their highest daily case counts of the pandemic yesterday. Despite Premier Moe’s dismissive tone about the severity of Omicron, every one of those provinces has seen their hospitalizations increase. Countries like the United Kingdom who are dealing with rampant Omicron spread are having to erect field hospitals due to the increase in hospitalizations among the unvaccinated.

“Omicron has now hit Saskatchewan. As we watch hospitalizations grow around the world, as eight more Saskatchewan families mourn, Scott Moe has decided to give up,” said Meili. “Again, Scott Moe’s choices will unnecessarily cost Saskatchewan people their lives.”


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