Moose Jaw Sask. Party MLAs vote to cut Wakamow Valley Park funding

Today, Warren Michelson and Greg Lawrence stood in their place, voted with the Sask. Party and against the people of Moose Jaw. Despite local support and the many benefits of Wakamow Valley Park, the city’s two representatives voted to cut its funding.  

“It’s certainly disappointing to see the Sask. Party cut funding to this provincially renowned park, but what’s especially difficult to understand is why the two members from Moose Jaw didn’t stand up for the people they represent,” said NDP Parks, Culture and Sport Critic Warren McCall. “They should have defended their community and, if they think the cut is wrong, they should have let it be known.”

 The vote took place after Question Period and the result was the passing of the Sask. Party’s “Wakamow Valley Authority Amendment Act.” As a result the government will cut $127,000 of funding for the park. The government also cut the $30,000 top up.

Four other parks including the Chinook Parkway in Swift Current, Pehonan in Prince Albert, River Valley in Battlefords and Tatagwa in Weyburn will also see their funding cut.

Funding for the Wascana Park in Regina and the Meewasin Valley Park in Saskatoon is currently under review by the Sask. Party. The Meewasin Valley Authority has already announced that due to lack of proper funding by the government, it will have to shut down its Interpretive Centre on July 1 and, along with it, three full time jobs as well as public programs will be lost.

“The Sask. Party mismanaged nearly a decade of record revenues and now they’re cutting and clawing back funding for the parks throughout Saskatchewan,” McCall said. “Sask. Party MLAs who oppose these cuts should have the courage of their convictions and put the best interests of the people they represent ahead of the wishes of their partisan masters.” 

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