Moe government ignores seniors amid pronoun policing push

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Critic for Seniors Matt Love stood with families that the Sask. Party government is uprooting from the Lutheran Care Home. Together, they called on the provincial government to focus on the issues that matter most to Saskatchewan people, like helping our parents and grandparents age in comfort and dignity.

“Sixty-two seniors are essentially being kicked to the curb and the Premier has called an emergency debate over the names kids use at school,” said Beck. “After our parents and grandparents built this province, the least they deserve is a government that will make them a priority.” 

In September, six months after being encouraged by Eden Care to take control of Lutheran Home, the Sask. Party government decided not to step in and save one of Regina’s most-loved care homes, even though wait times for a bed at a long-term care centre in Regina average about 53 days, or two-and-a-half times the provincial average, and 100 mortgage-paying jobs are on the line.

This lack of urgency and concern stands in stark contrast to the Moe government’s move to convene the first emergency sitting in 24 years, within mere hours of a court injunction, over the apparent issue of what names kids use in school. 

“Many of our parents and grandparents have been paying taxes with every single paycheque since their first job. The least the government can do is help them live their golden years to the fullest,” said Love. “The Sask. Party needs to start listening to our parents and grandparents and get back to addressing the basic issues that matter most.”


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