We heard some stark numbers today. Every person in Saskatchewan is now doing the math in their head, thinking about the health of their loved ones. I’m doing that same math right now, thinking about my friends, my parents and so many of my colleagues working in healthcare.

But as a province, we don’t have to take these numbers lying down. We can work together, stay home and reduce the toll that COVID-19 will take on the people of our province.

Today’s numbers are not unavoidable; they’re a call to action. We must do everything we can to flatten the curve and look after the many people who are struggling right now. 

As Senior Medical Health Officer Dr. Julie Kryzanowski said today, we are all playing for the same team and we win or lose together.

That’s why I am asking the Premier to immediately engage leaders from all corners of our province, all sectors of our economy, those representing students and workers and small businesses, mayors of our towns and cities, First Nations and Métis leaders on a task force to ensure that the people of Saskatchewan get through this stronger than ever.

While we don’t know how long this emergency will last, we’ve seen how much economic damage it has already done, and we’re seeing today how much health and economic damage it could yet do. That’s why we need the province to act now to help people who have lost wages or lost jobs, who have had to close their businesses, farmers who are worried about seeding, people who are in need of food or shelter.

Today’s numbers are a call to action. So, Premier Moe, let’s take action. Let’s work together.

And to the people of Saskatchewan, we’ve risen to this challenge in so many ways. The coming weeks will be hard, but we can overcome this challenge together.

Stay home, be safe -- and be there for each other.

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