Misinformation from Sask. Party Minister shows issues aren’t being taken seriously

When it comes to knowing simple facts in the Social Services file, such as how many children are in care or how many are living in hotel rooms, the Minister has shown a severe lack of knowledge.

“We’re talking about serious issues that have a huge impact on the lives of many children and families in Saskatchewan and to have a minister who is out of touch with her ministry is as disappointing as it is disturbing,” said NDP Social Services Critic Nicole Rancourt.

In April, the Minister told media that in 2016 no children were placed in hotels, but the Minister was wrong. Written questions obtained by the NDP show that in the first four months of 2016 alone, there were five instances in which children were housed in hotels.

At the end of April, the Minister was asked by reporters about the number of kids in care and she answered “we are one of the few provinces, if not the only province that has brought down the number of kids in care.” However, the Children’s Advocate report clearly shows that to be untrue. Not only that, but Alberta actually did bring down the number of kids in care.

“Either the minister doesn’t want the people of Saskatchewan to know the facts or she simply doesn’t know them,” Rancourt said. “It’s unacceptable either way.”

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