Slamming the Sask. Party’s announcement that minimum wage workers would get only a 13-cent-an-hour pay increase in October, NDP Leader Ryan Meili dismissed the adjustment as an “insult” and pressed the Saskatchewan government to bring relief to frontline workers by substantially raising the minimum wage. 

“Thirteen cents doesn’t get you very far — and it doesn’t help the majority of families that were already living paycheque to paycheque before COVID-19,” said Meili. “It’s time for the Sask. Party to stop insulting frontline workers with our worst-in-the-nation minimum wage, set aside their broken formula and give frontline workers the raise they deserve.”

Saskatchewan’s low minimum wage hurts working people and the economy. Before COVID struck, half of working families were living paycheque to paycheque and worried they’d end the year with more debt than at the start, and the economy was already in recession. After the substantial economic shock of a pandemic lock-down and a plunge in commodity prices, the boost that a bit more money in people’s pockets would offer is even more important.

“Premier Scott Moe is letting Saskatchewan families down when we need leadership the most,” said Meili. “New Democrats are committed to bringing in a $15 minimum wage in our first term in government, for everyone’s economic well-being.”

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