Love writes to Education Minister Dustin Duncan: Disclose full cost of billboard campaign

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Critic for Education Matt Love wrote to Education Minister Dustin Duncan requesting he disclose the total amount the Sask. Party government has budgeted for their misleading billboard campaign attacking Saskatchewan teachers.

The text of the letter is below:

Dear Minister Duncan,

I am writing to you in response to the attack ad billboard campaign your government has launched against teachers in our province. I am extremely disappointed that your government is funding attack ads like this at a time when teachers and the government are still in contract negotiations.

These attack ads are a direct attempt to interfere in the collective bargaining process and turn the Saskatchewan public against our teachers. You and I both know how hard teachers work to provide quality education for our students and these attack ads undermine the effort teachers put in each and every day. 

Every dollar wasted on these attack ads is a dollar that could have been invested in our classrooms to help manage growing class sizes and increasing classroom complexity.

According to recent media coverage of this issue, your government has spent $34,000 on these wasteful attack ads to date.

I respectfully request that you share the total amount that your government has budgeted for this disrespectful attack ad campaign for the remainder of this year, so that Saskatchewan people can know the total amount your government intends to waste on this misguided campaign.


Matt Love, M.L.A.

Official Opposition Critic for Education


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