Last chance for Wall to keep his education funding promise

Before entering his final cabinet meeting last week, Premier Brad Wall said that he was looking to replace some of the funding the Sask. Party had cut from Saskatchewan’s classrooms. The NDP is calling on Wall to ensure that the cabinet finally act and make good on his comment that now could be “the time for some interim support in education.”

“Throughout the province, Saskatchewan schools have been hit hard by the cruel and heartless Sask. Party cuts. Every time school divisions, teachers and parent have asked for a lifeline, the Sask. Party have thrown them an anchor,” said NDP Education Critic Carla Beck. “This government mismanaged the finances, scrapped the mid-year funding adjustment, and forced cuts on to students. We’re hoping that Wall can use his final days as someone elected to represent the people of this province to admit they cut too deeply and reinvest in our kids’ schools.”

With their budget last year, the Sask. Party cut $55 million from government funding for education. Last year alone, Sask. Party’s cuts resulted in more than $23 million being cut from the instruction in Saskatchewan classrooms. Even though there are 4500 more students in our classrooms, there are 188 fewer teachers. Saskatchewan Teachers have been forced to take on more and more work while students are not getting the attention they need because resources have been cut thin by the Sask. Party.

“It’s our kids who are being forced to pay the price for the Sask. Party’s cuts in education,” Beck said. “Last week, Premier Wall talked about ‘interim help’ for education. He’s now running out of time to turn those words into action and to make sure Saskatchewan students get more of the funding they need.”

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