Lack of autism funding forcing families into difficult decisions

The Sask. Party has failed to deliver on their promise of proper supports for children living with autism and because of it, families are being forced to choose between providing the necessary needs for their children and day-to-day expenses.

“With the Sask. Party’s heartless cuts and tax hikes, families are finding it harder and harder to get by - especially those families who have a child with autism, who require additional care and supports,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “The Sask. Party broke their promise to support families living with autism, and then they chose to pile on even more costs for these families.”

Parents like Christina Noubarian, who has two children on the autism spectrum, know first-hand that when their children are under six, the amount of supports aren’t sufficient, but once they are older than six, what little supports that are in place gets diminished even though the needs are still there.

“Every day brings a unique and challenging hurdle to navigate for my family, especially since the burden of funding therapies and interventionist appointments falls largely on our backs,” Noubarian said. “It’s difficult to choose between paying for the help our children need and the basics like food and clothing.”

“It’s not fair and it’s not right when a family with two working parents is being forced to make these difficult decisions because the Sask. Party failed to keep a promise,” Chartier said. “Instead of hurting families by hiking the PST on kids clothing and fees on juice boxes, the Sask. Party needs to introduce individualized funding for children with autism.”

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