La Loche school shooting victims still being left behind by the Sask. Party

It’s been nearly a year and a half since the tragic La Loche school shooting but still, many of the victims are suffering and not getting the help they need to heal mentally and physically.

“The victims did not ask to be in this tragic situation but the Sask. Party is forcing them to wait for the promised support from the government,” said NDP Deputy Leader and MLA for Athabasca Buckley Belanger. “The Sask. Party has offered tweets, speeches, and kind words but, when it comes to actual action and ensuring these victims are properly supported, the Sask. Party has been failing.”

Charlene Klyne is a former substitute teacher and one of the victims. She was wounded during the shooting, has lost all vision in her left eye, can only see dark shadows in her right eye, and has 13 pellets lodged in her neck and chest. She moved to Saskatoon for medical appointments and surgeries. She received a $50,000 insurance payment and some benefits for massage therapy but it is not enough to cover what her doctor has ordered and she feels that the Sask. Party is letting her down.

“I feel let down by the very same people who promised to help me,” Klyne said. “Every day has been a struggle for me and my family. Having to move and deal with medical appointments on top of going back and forth with the government has made me feel like a victim all over again. It’s discouraging that, after all I and other victims have been through, we now have to fight for proper compensation.”

Klyne is not the only one who is struggling and she is in constant contact with other victims who feel they are not getting proper support from the Sask. Party. Christie Montgrand is another victim and says she just wants the Sask. Party to make good on their promises.

“It’s a struggle for me now because I no longer get help from WCB, I have no income of any kind, I have to deal with PTSD and my back pains, and I have to pay for my medication,” said Montgrand. “All I want is what was promised.”

“These victims need and deserve more than just lip service after all they have been through,” Belanger said. “It’s past time for the Sask. Party to make this right.”

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