It’s time to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics: NDP

With the British Columbia Premier Christy Clark committing to the creation of a non-partisan committee to review the province’s campaign finance laws, the Saskatchewan NDP is once again pushing the Sask. Party to get big money out of Saskatchewan politics. 

“As the Sask. Party continues to announce its callous cuts and desperate sell-offs, it’s become more and more obvious that they often need a reminder that they work for the people of Saskatchewan, not just for big donors and  out-of-province corporations,” said NDP Ethics and Democracy Critic David Forbes. “Saskatchewan democracy should be left firmly in the hands of Saskatchewan people. Our campaign finance laws are the worst in the country and, under the Sask. Party, we’re actually falling further behind. There is no good reason for the Sask. Party’s refusal to support our call to improve these important rules.”

The NDP currently have a Bill which would put a cap on donation limits and would ban corporate and union donations. Forbes noted that union and business leaders in Saskatchewan also support banning corporate and union contributions and that, until recently, the Saskatchewan Premier was the last in the country to take top-up bonus - funded by party donors - on top of his public-paid salary.

“The people of the province deserve to know how the Sask. Party is funded and be assured that no government access or influence is being bought,” said Forbes. “The Premier fought tooth and nail to keep his top-up, all while fighting to cut wages of public workers. By continuing to stand by the out-dated campaign finance laws, the Sask. Party is stomping on democracy and showing their true colours.” 

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