Health care CBA bargained in bad faith by Sask. Party

In health care, the Sask. Party’s track record is one of mismanagement, cuts, clawbacks, and waste. A refusal to honour collectively bargained agreements is being added to the list. Despite being part of the collective bargaining agreement, the Minister of Health is now refusing to fund the Joint Job Evaluations (JJE) which ensures health care workers are paid for the skills they bring to the job.


“The Sask. Party’s decision to walk away from their signature and cut off this funding is not only a sign of complete disrespect to Saskatchewan’s health workers, but it will also hurt the care Saskatchewan people are able to get at our hospitals and care centres,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier.

Chartier noted that JJE is an important part of recruiting and retaining the best health care professionals. She added that surgery and emergency wait times are among many of the areas that are moving in the wrong direction under the Sask. Party and that, without the proper lineup of skilled workers, these troubling trends will continue.

“The Sask. Party is forcing health regions to struggle under an increasingly impossible financial situation,” said Chartier. “As a result, patient safety and treatment are being put at risk.”

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