REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party’s elimination of Gradworks program leaves young people out of work

On top of highlighting the value of our Crowns and the importance of stopping the Sask. Party’s schemes to sell them off, today’s release of the Crown Investment Corporation’s annual report was a clear reminder of the consequences of the Sask. Party’s short-sighted decision to gut the Gradworks program that created opportunities for young people. 

The Gradworks program placed post-secondary graduates in one-year paid internships in our province’s Crown Corporations. The program was so successful that nearly 70 per cent of Gradworks interns landed full-time work after their internship.

A program that helps young people get jobs sure would be handy now since the Sask. Party’s unfair tax hikes and job killing cuts have led to 3,500 fewer young people being able to find work this year than last. 

But you don’t have to take our word for it. In 2013, the then Sask. Party CIC Minister said the program “has really proven its worth.”

Even just this year, despite cutting the extension short and crushing the hopes of new graduates enrolled in the program, the current Minister agreed, saying, that Gradworks “certainly has its benefits.”

Since both Ministers saw value in the program, it’s hard to believe that scrapping it is not part of the Sask. Party’s bigger scheme to sell off our Crowns.

Whatever their reason, the elimination of Gradworks can be added to the growing list of ways that the Sask. Party is hurting the Saskatchewan economy and making life harder for young people in our province. 

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