NDP Leader Ryan Meili called on the province to work with employers to guarantee frontline workers in essential services access to clear physical distancing protocols, adequate protective equipment, along with access to childcare and other supports to enable them to do their jobs safely.

“Grocery clerks, pharmacists, cleaners, healthcare workers and others in essential services are holding our communities together right now,” said Meili. “We need to do everything we can so they can keep doing that work safely.”

Meili was joined by Gail Mack, who works at a Saskatoon grocery store.

“I have never been more proud of the work I do, and I need to know that someone’s got my back when it comes to my safety,” said Mack. “Workers, business owners, customers, we’re all trying our best to get this right. Now we need support from the government, with clear guidelines to keep us all safe.”

“For most of us right now, our civic duty is to stay home,” said Meili. “But for us to be able to do that, some of us need to keep going to work in our grocery stores, pharmacies and hospitals. They’re working to keep us safe, we need to keep them safe while they do it.”

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