Family needing urgent brain surgery joins NDP calls to fix health system

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Deputy Leader Nicole Sarauer and Health Critic Vicki Mowat were joined by the Dulle family to demand the government acknowledge and address the many surgeries and non-COVID services still being deferred or cancelled due to strains on the health system.

“Brennon Dulle is urgently waiting for a third brain surgery. Yet he is unable to access this vital procedure because pre-operative treatments are compromised by the widespread resource and staffing shortages plaguing our health system,” said Sarauer. “Brennon’s situation is growing more alarming by the day, and with increasing COVID-19 cases putting further pressure on our hospitals he fears things will only get worse.”

COVID-19 wastewater levels jumped astronomically last week. In Saskatoon this morning, 64 people were admitted to emergency departments with no bed available to them. Gillian Dulle, Brennon’s wife, says the mismanagement of our health system has gone on far too long: “That status quo that we have maintained for the past 22 months is not acceptable. You cannot put every other medical condition to the sidelines.”

“The lifesaving services our families and loved ones rely on remain out of reach given the Sask. Party’s continued mismanagement of our health system”, said Mowat. “Sadly, Brennon is but one of 36,000 people struggling to access medical procedures, many of which are vital and cannot be pushed back any longer.”

The Official Opposition calls on the government to plan to immediately restore vital non-COVID services and explain why complicated and costly procedures needed to treat debilitating illnesses continue to be deferred.


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