Dustin Duncan blames educators for Sask. Party’s failings

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Education Critic Matt Love put Scott Moe on blast in question period after his Minister cut per-student funding and tried to pin the blame on educators. 

“Thousands of parents, students and educators showed up to the Legislature to voice their concerns and Scott Moe was still a no-show,” said Beck. “If Moe and his Education Minister actually showed up to the teacher’s rally and listened, maybe they’d have their facts straight and they wouldn’t be so out of touch.”

During an interview with CBC's Stefani Langenager this morning, Education Minister Duncan caricatured the several thousand teachers who protested on Saturday as being solely focused on securing a salary increase, rather than advocating for better funding for their classrooms. 

Duncan also attempted to deflect responsibility onto school divisions, claiming that they had bungled the student enrolment projections and were to blame for funding shortfalls.

“Minister Duncan is trying to blame educators for the Sask. Party government’s mismatched priorities and it's absolutely shameful,” said Love. “This government is sitting on a billion dollar surplus and they can right this wrong today by delivering the funding our kids so desperately need.”


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