Cuts to podiatry service need to be reversed: NDP

The NDP is calling on the Sask. Party to reverse their $1.2 million cut from podiatry services.  

“In the long-run, this cut will cost the province more money, and will end up costing some people their limbs because they won’t be able to get the services they need,” said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. “The Sask. Party is more concerned with covering up for their mismanagement, scandal and waste than the health of Saskatchewan people. It’s not right, it’s not fair, and it doesn’t make any sense.”

The fact that Saskatchewan has an extremely high rate of diabetes makes this cut even more concerning because demand for podiatry services is high among those who live with this chronic disease.

“By eliminating these services, many of these patients will no longer be able to afford their treatments and will certainly lead to loss of limbs,” said Dr. Ata Stationwala, the president of the Saskatchewan College of Podiatrists. “The result will inevitably mean more visits to emergency rooms for preventable foot and ankle complications. Many of these patients will end up with lower limb amputations, which could have been completely prevented if the services had been maintained.”

The extra pressure on Saskatchewan’s emergency room will only add to the growing wait times caused by the Sask. Party’s continued cuts to our health care system.

“These cuts to services will mean that preventative medicine will be lost and Saskatchewan people will suffer,” Chartier said. “The Sask. Party need to admit they were wrong to make this cut and they need to restore the funding.”

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