In Question Period today, the Saskatchewan NDP slammed the Sask. Party budget as a cut-and-paste job written before the pandemic that wasn’t updated to address the needs of Saskatchewan people today. NDP Leader Ryan Meili said the budget has nothing to offer seniors, and no new money for education or healthcare delivery, beyond what was planned for in February.

“Saskatchewan people are looking for a recovery plan. The Sask. Party had three months to come up with one, but they chose to come back with a cut-and-paste rehash of the budget they tried to present in March,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “It’s shocking, frankly, that their budget has nothing to offer those who care for our kids and our seniors, when those people have been the most impacted by the pandemic.”

Meili underscored the risks ahead, should the Sask. Party win re-election.

“If this is their pre-election budget, I don’t want to imagine what they have planned for next year,” said Meili. “They’ll go back to their same old playbook: deep cuts to our services, selling off our Crowns, and tax hikes for working people. Their plan will hurt families and businesses and damage our economy. We need a government that will lead our recovery, not leave us in a recession.”

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