Campers being forced to pay due to Sask. Party mismanagement

After putting the hatchet to a number of jobs in Saskatchewan’s provincial parks, the Sask. Party is now forcing campers to pay for its mismanagement, scandal and waste by raising camping fees. 

“Saskatchewan parks and campgrounds should be affordable and accessible for all to enjoy, but what the Sask. Party has done over the last few years has gotten in the way of that, by way of fee increases and job cuts,” said NDP Parks, Culture, and Sport Critic Warren McCall.

Last year, also in the dead of winter, the Sask. Party announced that a number of camping fees were increasing. Now, at the same time that the Federal government is offering free access to national parks, the Sask. Party is raising fees once again.

McCall said that Saskatchewan’s parks are a huge draw for campers from both within Saskatchewan and out-of-province, but many may have to rethink their plans this summer because of the increases.

“This is a government that has wasted millions of dollars on sketchy GTH land deals, smart meters that don’t work and a bypass project that has ballooned in costs, and it now expects the campers of the province to pick up the tab,” McCall said. “It’s simply wrong and mean-spirited.”


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