Boyd out of cabinet, but scandals remain

With news that Bill Boyd is stepping down from cabinet, NDP Leader Trent Wotherspoon noted that the Premier should have shown leadership and held the now former Minister of Economy, the GTH, and SaskPower to account for his mismanagement and scandal with his files, which have cost Saskatchewan taxpayers billions of dollars. 

“This scandal plagued Minister should have been kicked out of cabinet a long time ago,” Wotherspoon said. “The fact that, even today, the Premier and the rest of the Sask. Party caucus still stand by Mr. Boyd and his record means that this scandal and waste lays at their feet still.”

Boyd was responsible for the failed smart meter project, which put the homes and lives of Saskatchewan people at risk, while also costing them millions of dollars. Boyd was also caught misleading, not only the people of Saskatchewan, but also national and international delegations about the poor performance of the costly carbon capture project. Most recently, Boyd has found himself in the middle of the billion dollar bypass overrun and Global Transportation Hub land scandal, which saw Saskatchewan taxpayers pay millions more than what the land was worth, while a businessman, with apparent connections to Boyd, pocketed the profit.

“We will continue to ask tough unanswered questions about the waste and scandal that Mr. Boyd and the Sask. Party have brought upon the people of Saskatchewan, because sadly it's Saskatchewan people that are being forced to pay the price,” Wotherspoon said.

Upon hearing that Herb Cox will be stepping away due to medical reasons, Wotherspoon sent his best wishes.

“We wish Herb Cox well in his battle against this horrible disease. We’ve all been touched by cancer and, fighting it obviously goes well beyond partisan politics.”

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