BECK: The only thing growing under Scott Moe are power bills, taxes and food bank usage

Regina Food Bank usage has spiked 42% this past year, 40% of Regina clients are now children

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Affordability Critic Trent Wotherspoon responded to newly released Regina Food Bank numbers that show a dramatic 42% spike in usage this past year. The new numbers reveal that 2 in 5 of the Regina Food Bank’s customers are children and that their services are seeing ‘unprecedented growth’.

“Growing power bills, growing job losses, growing hospital wait times, and now growing food bank usage. That’s the only growth Scott Moe can take credit for,” said Beck. “Families that didn’t use to struggle a couple years ago are finding it harder and harder to stay afloat — let alone get ahead — and instead of helping out, Scott Moe has actually increased taxes and power bills by $1,608 more for the average family. ”

The new numbers from the Regina Food Bank show a troubling increase in usage among children in Regina, now representing 2 in every 5 clients. Usage in general has surged by 42% this past year, coinciding with recent polling that shows that Saskatchewan people register the highest financial insecurity in Canada. 

“This increased food bank usage shows that under the Sask. Party, more and more people are falling behind. This government isn't listening, and they are making things worse. The Sask. Party is spending more time trying to hide the problems than actually fix them while people are left to pay the price,” said Wotherspoon. 

“Affordability is the number one issue we hear from voters. Everyone is struggling. That’s why making your life more affordable is our biggest priority,” said Beck. “I firmly believe that as politicians, we are elected to listen and deliver for the people we represent. That’s why we’re focused on lowering power bills, rolling back Scott Moe’s tax and fee hikes, and making life more affordable for working families.” 


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