Beck Slams Sask. Party for $11.6M Settlement, Lack of Transparency

Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck slammed the Sask. Party government for their decision to settle a lawsuit with one of their largest corporate donors for $11.6 million and the decision to sign a non-disclosure agreement keeping taxpayers in the dark over the Sask. Party government’s mismanagement.

“It’s completely unacceptable that Saskatchewan people are paying nearly $12 million all because the Sask. Party couldn’t follow their own rules,” said Beck. “This entire mess was created because the Sask. Party took over Wascana Park and made a sweetheart deal to build an office tower with one of their largest corporate donors. Settling for millions while signing a non-disclosure agreement falls far short of what Saskatchewan people expect when it comes to transparency and accountability.”

A review of the project by the Provincial Auditor found that the proposal was pushed ahead even though there was inadequate public consultation, and the Sask. Party government didn’t ensure  the project was compatible with the Provincial Capital Commission’s Master Plan.

“Saskatchewan people work hard for their money, and they expect to see those dollars going to help fix our hospitals or help make life more affordable for Saskatchewan families. Instead, the Sask. Party is spending nearly $12 million of public dollars to keep them in the dark. As we enter three by-elections, the people of Saskatchewan deserve answers on why taxpayers are being forced to once again pay for another Sask. Party mess.”


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