BECK: Scott Moe and Sask. Party spent the summer targeting teachers and vulnerable students rather than fixing problems in education

With Scott Moe in charge, parents are paying more and getting less.

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Education Critic Matt Love called out the Sask. Party government for again failing to address growing class sizes and complexity prior to students returning to class this Fall. 

“Today, students across Saskatchewan are returning to schools with larger classrooms, fewer supports, and higher lunch supervision fees. Instead of spending the summer finding solutions to these problems, the Sask. Party chose to target teachers with a billboard campaign and target a small group of vulnerable youth for their own political agenda,” said Beck. “People are fed up with the lack of results from this government. They aren’t doing their jobs. Parents are being asked to pay more for less and less. It’s time to put the politics aside and work with our teachers to find solutions to increase supports and reduce classroom sizes.”

Back in 2019, the Sask. Party launched their class size and composition committee which after four years has resulted in little to no action, despite the Sask. Party government promising results before the 2020 general election. Saskatchewan once led the nation in per student classroom funding back in 2016 — but under Scott Moe, the province has now dropped to eighthout of the ten provinces.

Rather than address these issues facing both students and teachers, the Sask. Party government spent their summer attacking teachers through a billboard campaign and targeting a small group of vulnerable youth for their own internal politics.

“Teachers I’m hearing from are entering the school year more burnt out than ever. After more than a decade of cuts to classrooms, teachers are being asked by the Sask. Party to do even more with less and it’s just not possible. There’s nothing more to cut,” said Love. “While morale is at an all-time low, teachers are having to drive by billboards misinforming the public and devaluing their work paid for with their own tax dollars. This is a government that has abandoned teachers and is quickly losing the support of parents who just want the best for their kids.”


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