BECK: Saskatchewan people want government to “get back to basics”

Healthcare, cost of living top of mind for Saskatchewan people during listening tour

SASKATOON - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck announced that her team is putting healthcare and the cost of living at the top of their agenda in the lead-up to the fall sitting. 

“No matter what community I visit, people say they're getting tired of divisive politics and finger pointing. After 16 years, the Sask. Party has lost sight of what really matters and is failing to get results,” said Beck. “In the run-up to session, my team is going to be focused on the issues keeping Saskatchewan people up at night, like healthcare and the cost of living.”

Carla’s announcement kicked off her caucus’ pre-session strategy meeting. After a summer of outreach, Saskatchewan NDP MLAs are assembled this week in Saskatoon to discuss the issues they heard while on the road and the solutions they will bring forward on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan. 

“With our huge resource wealth and hardworking people, there’s no excuse for our hospitals and our economy to be such disasters,” said Beck. “This tired and out-of-touch government is holding our province back.”

Saskatchewan has the worst hospital wait times in Canada and 200,000 Saskatchewan people do not have access to a family doctor. 

Saskatchewan people have consistently reported the worst levels of financial insecurity in Canada. According to RBC’s new poll, Saskatchewan people, at 81%, are most likely in Canada to struggle to save money because of rising costs. These findings are consistent with Angus Reid's latest studies - released in March, April and June - which found that Saskatchewan people are struggling with the cost of living more than anywhere else in Canada.


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