BECK: Moe continues to have worst in the nation record on jobs, the economy

Year-over-year or since Feb. 2018, Moe’s job record remains worst in Canada 

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Jobs and Economy Critic Aleana Young responded to Premier Scott Moe’s jobs record that remains the worst in Canada. 

“It's concerning to see the Premier doing victory laps over a small uptick of 200 jobs last month, especially when he lost a whopping 4,300 jobs the month before that,” said Beck. “When you look at the big picture, the Sask. Party has had the worst rate of job creation in Canada since Scott Moe took office. We have all the ingredients to boom but this Sask. Party government is standing in our way.”

Statistics Canada’s latest job figures show that unemployment increased and total employment increased by only 200 jobs last month. Since Scott Moe took office in February 2018, every other province in Canada has created jobs at a faster rate than Saskatchewan. 

In their news release, the Sask. Party government notes 5,600 new jobs created since April 2022. This amounts to a 1% rate of job growth and is the worst year-over-year rate of job growth among Canadian provinces.

StatsCan’s latest GDP figures also contradict Sask. Party messaging. Since Scott Moe took office in February 2018, Saskatchewan’s GDP has actually shrunk from $82,387.5M to $81,818.7M or by -0.7%. Moe’s is the second worst economic record in Canada, and he is only one of two premiers to preside over economic shrinkage since February 2018.

“This is a Premier with absolutely no credibility when it comes to job creation,” said Young. “The Premier talks a big game with this ‘growth that works for everyone’ nonsense but he’s actually shrunk the economy since taking office. Folks across Saskatchewan are seeing right through the Sask. Party’s hollow slogans. That just goes to show how tired and out of touch this Sask. Party government has become.”


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