Another Sask. Party cabinet, same lack of transparency

As we wait for the cabinet to be announced, it’s becoming clear it’s the same old Sask. Party. When it comes to transparency, for example, whether it’s releasing information about the GTH or an investigation during the election of their new leader, the Sask. Party is incapable of being open and honest with the people of Saskatchewan.

“The people of Saskatchewan want a government that is open and transparent, but it just doesn’t seem to be possible with the Sask. Party,” said Ethics and Democracy Critic David Forbes. “Even though they just chose a new Premier, they’re clearly the same Sask. Party that says one thing but does another.”

The secret report, prepared by the party’s leadership election oversight committee and distributed to a small number of insiders, apparently includes conclusions beyond what was contained in the party’s public statement on the investigation. At the time, Scott Moe released a statement saying the initial complaint was made because anything that threatens the integrity and transparency of the Sask. Party’s leadership race should be investigated. Prior to the election, he said, “In the interests of transparency for Saskatchewan Party members, the Scott Moe Leadership Campaign would have no objection to the release of the full report.”

“Now that he’s been handed the keys to the Premier’s office, the new Premier is using the old Sask. Party GTH playbook and refusing to release the very report he promised to make public,” Forbes said. “The people of Saskatchewan were told they could expect more but, with Mr. Moe, it’s the same bad management, the same insiders and the same backroom secrets.”

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