REALITY CHECK: Sask. Party STC message flips 180 in just one year

The Saskatchewan Transportation Company’s Annual Report was released today and the Sask. Party staff and the Minister responsible were busy delivering spin and doublespeak in a desperate attempt to justify their decision to scrap the STC. 

Just a year ago, the Minister responsible for STC was singing a very different tune than the one the Minister is trying to sell today. She said, “by linking communities, people and businesses, STC serves the customer and the shareholder.”

Saskatchewan people – who are both the customer and the shareholder – are right to question why the Sask. Party scrapped and are now trying to undermine STC and the services their own Minister described as “high level,” “valuable,” “essential,” “safe,” and “reliable.”

Here is the 2015-16 message from the Ministers in its entirety:

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