A Carla Beck government to be an unapologetic champion of Saskatchewan jobs

REGINA - Today, Saskatchewan Opposition Leader Carla Beck announced Hire Saskatchewan, a Saskatchewan NDP commitment to the people of Saskatchewan that a Carla Beck government will prioritize hiring Saskatchewan workers and companies and use made-in-Saskatchewan materials for all public infrastructure projects and public contracts.

Saskatchewan tax dollars should stay in Saskatchewan communities, support Saskatchewan workers, and be invested back into the Saskatchewan economy,” said Beck. “I’m not here to fight for jobs in Alberta, Ontario or in the US. I will unapologetically stand up for Saskatchewan workers. Every single time.” 

Beck pointed out that Scott Moe’s Sask. Party has had the worst job creation record in Canada and has prioritized hiring out-of-province workers and companies not just for large multi-million dollar infrastructure projects but even for smaller public contracts. Most recently, instead of supporting Saskatchewan workers, Scott Moe’s Sask. Party hired a French company for the Regina Bypass and hired a US-based company to run the Sask. Parks booking call centre.

“Under the Sask. Party, we’ve seen public projects of all sizes, millions of our tax dollars, flow out of the province. Millions of dollars leaving Saskatchewan to create jobs in other provinces and states. It’s no wonder Scott Moe has the worst job creation record in the country,” said Beck. “That money comes from Saskatchewan people and should be putting food on tables here in Saskatchewan.”

Beck said her government would also help municipalities prioritize Saskatchewan-based workers and companies by scrapping the PST on construction labour for municipal infrastructure projects. 

“We have so much potential right here in Saskatchewan. When we invest locally, we see those dollars get reinvested into communities, building further opportunities to build and grow local economies,” said Beck. “Let’s work together and build it here with Made-in-Saskatchewan solutions.”


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