Education and healthcare neglected in Throne Speech, NDP says

Today’s Throne Speech shows that Scott Moe is again letting people down by failing to address the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms and emergency rooms. The speech relies heavily on pointing to increased investment since 2007, while ignoring recent cuts and failures.

“Parents expect a government that has a plan to deal with their child’s overcrowded classroom,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “Families worry that they’ll be facing long wait times and hallway medicine in our hospitals. This Throne Speech makes it clear that Scott Moe doesn’t care about the significant challenges we’re seeing in his two largest areas of responsibility: health care and education.”

Meili welcomed the Throne Speech’s commitment to jobs and growth but called on the government to acknowledge that sustainable growth requires real investment in people.

“We need a government committed to growth that puts people first,” said Meili. That means making sure that families are confident they can get the services they need.”

While touting increased education spending numbers since 2007, the Throne Speech ignores the fact that per-student funding has fallen each of the last three years as a direct result of the government’s failure to invest in sustainable growth.

“People struggling to make ends meet, whose kids are struggling to learn in overcrowded classrooms, aren’t interested in what happened ten years ago,” Meili said. “They’re asking what Moe has done for them lately, and what he’ll do for them now. According to this Throne Speech, not much.”

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