‘Sign of desperation’: NDP calls on government to finally concede that only a judicial inquiry will clear the air on the GTH

Ballooning debt, sketchy land deals, and a massive severance package being paid out to a fired CEO all underscore the degree to which the Global Transportation Hub has become a millstone around the Sask. Party’s neck, according to the Saskatchewan NDP, who believe only a judicial inquiry will clear the air.

“The Sask. Party has really dropped the ball on the GTH,” said NDP GTH Critic Cathy Sproule. “Millions of public dollars have been wasted in the process. We know why the government wants to move away from this fiasco as quickly and quietly as possible, but for the sake of transparency we need to shine a light on what happened.”

Sproule noted that Sask. Party ministers helped their supporters earn $11 million in profit from land flipping and have run public debt at the GTH up to $40 million, with nothing to show for the people of Saskatchewan in return.

“They haven’t been able to sell any land at the GTH for years, leaving the people of Saskatchewan on the hook for that,” Sproule said. “They’re so desperate, they’re even trying to sell the LED sign at the entrance. That ‘sign of desperation’ pretty much sums up the sorry saga for the government at the GTH. The big problem remains that it’ll be the people of the province who have to pay to clean up the mess.”

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