Sask. Party turning their backs on foster children with complex needs

The government continues to force Saskatchewan’s most vulnerable to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal, and waste. Today in question period, New Democrats raised the concerns of adoptive parents of children with complex needs. In particular, these parents are calling on the Sask. Party to follow through on their commitment to support the programs their children need. 

“Callous cuts are not the answer to helping foster a better future for these children who have already had to endure so much,” said NDP Social Services Critic Nicole Rancourt. “These foster parents have stepped up, they love and cherish their adopted children, and are now simply trying to provide the best they can for their children. Instead, the Sask. Party is cutting programs and making things even harder for these families.”

Jalyn Zborowski is a mother of two adopted children, one of whom has already been diagnosed with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Under the Ministry of Social Services’ Assisted Adoption program, funding had been guaranteed for programming to help her children, including with their social development. Due to Sask. Party cuts, she was forced to pick only one program. The Sask. Party, however, cut even deeper and Zborowski was told that the program would no longer be provided after December.

“My children will not cope long-term with a total loss in these services. Our family will be severely impacted and I may have to quit working to support them,” Zborowski said. “Speaking more broadly, outside of my own family, the negative impact of this decision will be huge and will be felt for years to come. As some of these kids grow into adults, we will see further strains to the health and justice ministries as well.” 

“Instead of putting more strain and stress on the families, the government’s priority should be to help them,” Rancourt said. “It’s devastating to see families lose supports for their children just because of the Sask. Party’s mismanagement.”

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