Sask. Party failure clear with safety concerns at $2 billion bypass

Despite the Sask. Party’s repeated claims that they studied the Regina Bypass to death, the $2 billion-dollar project they handed to a foreign conglomerate has already caused problems for transport truck drivers and producers. Now, important safety concerns are being raised.

“This project ballooned from $400 million to $2 billion and the Sask. Party is asking people to ‘just trust us.’ Well, that’s obviously not good enough,” said NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer. “The bypass was supposed to serve Saskatchewan people and make the roads more safe – not less. Instead, the Sask. Party handed the contract to a foreign conglomerate, ignored local concerns and are now arrogantly refusing to accept accountability. It’s a dangerous example of how out of touch they are.”

The project’s serious design flaws became apparent when producers and truck drivers found the bypass roundabouts are too small to navigate. Now, in the same week that a tractor trailer got stuck in one of the roundabouts, volunteer firefighters and first responders from Balgonie are raising concerns that the permanent closure of Main Street is restricting access of emergency vehicles.  

“I will trust the words of volunteer firefighters, producers and truck drivers over the Sask. Party’s defensive spin any day,” Sarauer said. “The Sask. Party needs to admit that they’re so busy covering up for the mismanagement, scandal and waste with this project that they have completely forgotten who the bypass is supposed to serve. They need to go back to the drawing board, address these concerns, and fix their dangerous mistakes.”


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