“Double whammy”: Saskatchewan people squeezed by both levels of government

Angus Reid: Saskatchewan people report worst levels of financial insecurity in Canada

REGINA - Today, Official Opposition Affordability Critic Trent Wotherspoon responded to a new Angus Reid study showing that Saskatchewan people are being hit the hardest in Canada by the crushing cost of living. 

“These numbers confirm what we already know. Saskatchewan people are struggling the most in Canada because of the double whammy, the federal Carbon Tax and Scott Moe’s provincial fuel tax. These governments are out of touch with the cost-of-living hardship families are facing.”

According to Angus Reid, 84% of Saskatchewan people report feeling stressed out about money. 55% say money is often or always a source of stress - the highest such rates of financial insecurity in Canada. 

Nearly half of Canadian provinces have suspended gas taxes in light of generational cost-of-living challenges. Saskatchewan people are disproportionately reliant on cars and trucks, yet Premier Scott Moe is the only Prairie premier to not yet deliver gas-tax relief.

“Premier Scott Moe should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time. We all agree that the Carbon Tax is just not on, but his provincial gas tax is also hitting families hard and could be suspended with little more than the stroke of a pen today,” added Wotherspoon. “After Scott Moe indefensibly drove up costs with his tax, power bill and fee increases, families across this province badly need some relief.”

Late last week, the Saskatchewan NDP launched a petition demanding that Premier Scott Moe suspend his provincial gas tax for at least 6 months. The petition is available at NoMoeGasTax.ca.


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