Joint Release: Legislative Assembly to meet June 15 to July 3

Government House Leader Jeremy Harrison and Opposition House Leader Cathy Sproule today announced that they have agreed to a modified arrangement for the Legislative Assembly to meet starting in June.

The Assembly will meet for 14 days from June 15 to July 3 with sittings from Monday to Friday each week.  There will be no sitting on Canada Day, July 1.  Only 10 government members and five opposition members will be in the Assembly at any time in order to ensure safe physical distancing.

NDP slams fresh “blank cheque” special warrant, calls for full budget debate

With the Sask. Party government writing itself yet another blank cheque in the form of a $56,000,000 special warrant, the Saskatchewan NDP is calling for the government to reopen the Legislature with sufficient time to properly scrutinize and pass a budget.

“Yet again, Scott Moe and the Sask. Party are writing themselves blank cheques behind closed doors” said NDP Finance Critic Trent Wotherspoon. “Meanwhile, Saskatchewan people wait in vain for the government to present a comprehensive plan to guide the recovery from COVID-19.” 

NDP pushes government for greater democratic accountability

NDP Leader Ryan Meili updated the public about negotiations to recall the Legislature today, responding to the Sask. Party government’s proposed terms for a limited reopening of the Legislature by calling for more sitting days and greater democratic scrutiny than the limited scope the government had proposed.

“The Sask Party is writing themselves blank cheques behind closed doors,” said Meili. “Their attempts to hide from scrutiny reveal a government that is arrogant and secretive. Scott Moe was only willing to discuss opening the legislature after repeated pressure from the opposition, the media and the public. Now he’s put forward an extremely limited proposal that gives the illusion of scrutiny but not enough time to do the work.”

Meili to call on Moe to reopen the Legislature, in front of the Legislature

NDP Leader Ryan Meili and members of his opposition caucus gathered in front of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building today to call on the Premier to put forward a plan for the safe restoration of democratic oversight ahead of the next election.

“Before COVID-19 hit, key public services were stretched too thin, with not enough staff in emergency rooms, long-term care and overcrowded classrooms,” said Meili. “Too many people in Saskatchewan were already struggling to make ends meet. Many more are struggling now. This crisis has deepened those struggles and made action more urgent. We need a real plan from this government, not a warmed-over budget that predates the crisis. We need a plan that responds to the deep economic challenges ahead, not the Sask. Party’s usual crisis playbook of deep cuts and privatization.”

Meili calls on Moe to end refinery lock-out

Today, NDP Leader Ryan Meili repeated his call for the Premier to recall the Legislature and impose binding arbitration to end the lock-out at the Co-op Refinery in Regina.

“This lockout has gone on far too long. The Premier needs to show leadership and bring it to an end,” said Meili. “When the Sask. Party appointed special mediator Vince Ready months ago, they seemed confident that he would come to a resolution. Instead, the impasse drags on because the Premier won’t act, which is bad for the province, bad for workers and bad for our economy.”

NDP gives government deadline for response to budget proposal

Today, Saskatchewan NDP Leader Ryan Meili released a public letter from NDP House Leader Cathy Sproule and called on the government to respond to repeated requests from the opposition for a full budget and the reconvening of the Legislature.

“The Sask. Party and Scott Moe have been writing themselves blank cheques behind closed doors,” said Meili. “Meanwhile, they’re closing hospitals in rural Saskatchewan, even as they start opening up other parts of the province. They’re promising billions of dollars in spending, without telling us how they’ll make sure it goes to Saskatchewan workers and companies.