Young calls on Moe to reverse Devine deal

SASKATOON - Today, Official Opposition Whip and Jobs Critic Aleana Young called on Premier Scott Moe to reverse his appointment of disgraced former Premier Grant Devine to the University of Saskatchewan’s Board of Governors. 

“The Premier should have hired the best person for the job, not the best friend for the job,” said Young. “Working for themselves, not for the people of Saskatchewan, is exactly why those old Sask. Party insiders were in hot water in the first place.”

While Premier, Devine’s confidants, close friends and senior staff diverted taxpayer dollars into numbered accounts and stole more than $837,000 from the people of Saskatchewan. Over a dozen such Devine insiders were criminally charged. Devine’s party was reduced to a minority and only regained power after merging with the Liberals and rebranding as the Saskatchewan Party in 1997.

“Picking winners and losers is no way to run a fair province,” said Young. “Saskatchewan’s strength is our people, and if Moe really can’t find another qualified candidate without the baggage, I think that says it all.”


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