Premier Moe’s “Worst Plan in Canada” Making Class Sizes Larger During a Pandemic

NDP Education Critic Carla Beck called on the provincial government to act immediately to lower class sizes following the news that Regina Public Schools has been forced to take teachers out of the classroom to accommodate e-learning needs.

“Parents and educators have done everything in their power to make the return to school as safe and positive experience as possible, despite the chaos caused by the Sask. Party’s lack of planning,” said Beck. “Not only did the Premier Moe fail to make smaller class sizes a priority - Education Minister Gord Wyant is now making class sizes larger.”

In a Facebook video posted yesterday, Regina Public School Board Trustee Adam Hicks detailed changes being made as of Monday, September 21 that will take teachers out of the classroom in 23 Regina Schools. In the video, Hicks states that “We hired as many new teachers as we possibly could but when it came down to it we didn’t have additional funding” and that “funding is expected to decrease” with lower Kindergarten enrollments.

“Premier Scott Moe and Gord Wyant had six months to plan and failed. They’ve taken no responsibility, downloaded all responsibility to school divisions and haven’t provided any of the funding necessary to address the many issues parents and students are facing,” said Beck. “The result is predictable - chaos and bad decisions that could have been avoided if this government had done its job. They owe Saskatchewan families an immediate apology.”

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