Meili renews call for united front on COVID-19

Today, the Leader of Saskatchewan’s Official Opposition Ryan Meili wrote Premier Scott Moe renewing the opposition’s call for a special committee to address the immediate and long-term impacts of COVID-19, a call that has recently been echoed by constitutional expert Howard Leeson and political columnist Murray Mandryk.

“This is a time when leaders from across the province need to be working together, helping the government make the best possible decisions to address both the health and the economic impacts of this crisis,” said Meili. “The people of the province are stepping up and working together in so many ways — it’s time for their elected leaders to do the same.”

Meili noted that mayors, leaders from Northern Saskatchewan, health care unions, small businesses, First Nations and Métis leaders and the social services sector have expressed concerns about aspects of the provincial government’s response to the pandemic.

“In these very challenging times, there is simply no reason not to open up the work of government to include the voices of mayors and labour leaders, business owners and frontline agencies,” said Meili. “The more strong voices we have around the table, the more we can ensure that we put people first as we get through this together and as we prepare to rebuild on the other side.”

Meili’s letter to Moe can be viewed here.

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