Stop leaving money for bus routes on the table: NDP

The NDP is calling for the government to stop leaving money on the table that is needed to help those who have been left with no bus service after the Sask. Party sold off STC.

“The Sask. Party’s move to sell off STC in the first place hurt a lot of people,” said NDP Leader Ryan Meili. “People with disabilities and those who needed to travel for medical appointments were among the many left stranded by the devastating cut. To flat-out reject funding options is an admission by the Sask. Party that they aren’t willing to fight for these people.”

The call comes after a report that the provincial government declined to sign on to an arrangement that would see Saskatchewan get a share of $10 million to subsidize closed bus routes.

“The Sask. Party had no issue providing a subsidy for bus service at the failing GTH, but have now twice rejected a subsidy from the federal government to reopen routes,” Meili said. “When we’re talking about a necessary service that will help improve the lives of many, the province needs to stop leaving money on the table and Saskatchewan people stuck on the side of the road.”

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