Steelworkers join NDP in calling for action to protect jobs

With the 25% Trump tariffs on Canadian steel continuing to bite, and the Sask. Party government skipping out on an important trade meeting where Canada-US trade was discussed, United Steelworkers Local 5890 President came to the Legislature today seeking answers on what the provincial government is doing to support good jobs in Saskatchewan’s steel industry.

“Our members at Evraz are worried about what we’re seeing from this government, and more importantly what we’re not seeing,” said Day. “While Ryan Meili and the NDP are proposing bold policies to keep Steel working, Moe and the Sask. Party are just pointing fingers and playing politics. Their photo ops do nothing to keep Saskatchewan steelworkers on the job.”

After welcoming Day to the Legislature, Meili rose in the house to call on Premier Moe to adopt his Safe Pipelines proposal:

“This summer, I, along with Mike and the workers at Evraz, called on this government to work to develop an evidence-based best-before-date system for pipelines in this province,” Meili said.

“This plan would set a schedule for companies to replace the oldest or worst quality of the 100,000 km of pipelines in the province with new, high quality Saskatchewan steel pipe, keeping people working and protecting our land and water from dangerous spills. At a time when so many are concerned about pipeline safety, about steel tariffs, and about jobs here at Evraz, will the Premier show he’s willing to act and seize this opportunity to help our economy and protect our environment, while creating demand for steel made right here in Regina?”

Premier Moe has so far rejected any plan that would put Saskatchewan steelworkers to work upgrading Saskatchewan’s pipeline infrastructure.

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