Statement by Nicole Sarauer on Labour Day

Today, NDP Leader Nicole Sarauer released the following statement to celebrate Labour Day:

“On behalf of all Saskatchewan New Democrats, I want to wish everyone a happy Labour Day.

“However you chose to celebrate this last long weekend of the summer, take a moment to remember all that the labour movement has won for us all – from the basic right to a safe work place to fairer pay, and parental leave. 

“Saskatchewan workers share a bond with working people that spans across continents and through generations in the united fight to make the world a better place. Adding to the list of victories, in just the last year, I’m proud that New Democrats were part of campaigns that won the right for all Saskatchewan workers to have access to coverage for PTSD and took a step forward in providing much-needed supports for survivors of interpersonal violence.

“When we see the Sask. Party pushing ahead with their heartless cuts, unfair tax hikes and desperate sell-offs, we know they aren’t working for Saskatchewan people. When we see them putting the Minister who oversaw scrapping and selling off STC in charge of SaskTel and when we hear that they still want to cut $250 million dollars from public sector workers, we know we still have much work to do.

“So, as we celebrate and reflect, let’s also recommit to building a stronger future for us all. Because we know the only way that we can build that stronger future, is if we leave no one behind and we build it together.” 

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