NDP Leader Ryan Meili statement on spill at Co-op Refinery

After news of an oil spill at the Co-op Refinery in Regina, NDP Leader Ryan Meili issued the following statement calling on the Premier to act in protection of public safety:

The alarming news of a recent oil spill into Regina’s wastewater system is one more reason the lock-out at the Co-op Refinery needs to end — now. This dispute has gone on far too long, and is putting lives and vital infrastructure at risk. The Premier has the power to end this lock-out through legislation, but has chosen not to.

For the sake of public safety if nothing else, it’s time for Scott Moe to show leadership and bring this damaging dispute to an end. When the Legislature reconvenes, we expect him to act quickly to do just that, and to ensure a full investigation of the circumstances leading to this spill.

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