The Sask. Party are hurting Saskatchewan seniors where they live

The Sask. Party have broken their promise to seniors and, instead of making life more affordable, they've cut supports, hiked the rents in long-term care, and are desperately selling off public seniors' homes.

“The Sask. Party's plan to sell off housing units across Saskatchewan is yet another callous attack on seniors,” said Danielle Chartier, NDP Critic for Seniors. “These are the people who built our province, and it's unacceptable that the Sask. Party is forcing Saskatchewan seniors to pay for Sask. Party mismanagement, scandal and waste.”

In their latest attack on seniors, the Sask. Party is considering the sale of low income seniors' housing in over 30 communities. These desperate sell-offs come at the same time that the Sask. Party is eliminating a provincial support for seniors living with disabilities - many of whom would require supportive housing like the units the Sask. Party is selling off.

The attack also comes on top of their broken election promise to offer seniors who live in their own home the ability to defer provincial property taxes and live more affordably and in addition to the Sask. Party's increase to long term care fees by up to $600 a month. 

"Across the board, no matter where they live, the Sask. Party is making life less affordable for Saskatchewan seniors,” said Chartier. “The Sask. Party’s sell-offs, fee increases, tax hikes, and funding cuts make it clear that the Sask. Party have forgotten who they're supposed to be working for because they aren't working for Saskatchewan seniors anymore." 

As part of the Official Opposition’s efforts to stand with seniors, Chartier was joined today by the Leader of the Official Opposition Nicole Sarauer, Nicole Rancourt, Ryan Meili, and Trent Wotherspoon in Lemburg, Saskatchewan. 

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