Saskatchewan last in the nation on pandemic job recovery

REGINA - New jobs numbers for November released by Statistics Canada show that Saskatchewan is once again trailing the nation when it comes to pandemic job recovery.

“We’re one of only two provinces that still hasn’t recovered all the jobs lost during the pandemic and yet we have a Sask. Party Jobs Minister who’s at risk of injury from patting himself on the back too hard,” said Aleana Young, Opposition Critic for Jobs and the Economy. “The only number in this report the government can point to is the unemployment rate, and that’s only dropped because since September there are almost 13,000 fewer people in the labour force.”

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey for November shows that Saskatchewan has the lowest job growth among provinces since the pandemic began, one of only two provinces who have not yet recovered pandemic job losses and that over the last two months, 12,900 have left the labour force entirely since September 2021. 

“The Sask. Party’s failure to control the 4th wave left us with the worst of both worlds - the worst rate of job losses since the pandemic began, and the highest COVID death rate in the country,” said Young. 


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