Saskatchewan Hospital issues mirrored in Yellowknife facility built by same company; NDP repeat call for Sask-First procurement, full release of facility audit

With news reports detailing major issues at the Carillion-built Stanton Territorial Hospital in Yellowknife that mirror the problems plaguing the Saskatchewan Hospital in North Battleford, the NDP has repeated their call for a Sask. First procurement policy and for the full release of a facility audit into the public/private build.

“This hospital, built by a massive out-of-province company, has been plagued with issues since it opened, and now we’re seeing similar problems at other hospitals involving the same company” said NDP Health critic Vicki Mowat. “Instead of putting the people of this province first by ensuring that our hospitals are built by our companies and our workers, the Sask. Party has let patients and staff down with a poorly built hospital that still isn’t fully open.”

Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford has had a number of serious issues, including the need for the entire roof to be replaced shortly after it opened. Patients and staff have been told not to drink the water at the hospital due to lead levels. 

Mould and leaks are plaguing the brand new hospital in Yellowknife, built by the same now-bankrupt company.

“The people of this province deserve to know exactly what the issues are at Saskatchewan Hospital North Battleford, and they deserve a commitment from this government that these kinds of issues will never happen again,” said Mowat. “The Sask. Party needs to release the full facility audit and commit to putting workers in Saskatchewan first when building major projects like this one.”

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