Amid reports today that students in Saskatchewan face more violence than anywhere else in the country, Sask. Party MLAs voted down a motion from Education Critic Carla Beck to hold an emergency debate on the crisis in Saskatchewan classrooms.

The motion read as follows:   

That the Assembly recognizes that the Sask. Party government’s underfunding of public education has created a crisis in our classrooms, and that the Assembly calls upon the Sask. Party government to take immediate steps to address the critical pressures facing teachers and students when it comes to infrastructure, class size, and composition.

“This government’s failure to invest in our schools is letting our kids, our teachers and Saskatchewan people down. They need to stop hiding from this issue and take action,” Beck said.

“Educators are at the breaking point. The underfunding of our kids’ classrooms needs immediate action, and we’ll continue to push for action from this government every chance we get.”

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