Sask. Party PST hike impacting investments for new housing construction

The Sask. Party’s PST hike is still negatively impacting investment in new housing builds and it’s hitting the construction industry hard and costing jobs. Statistics Canada released a report showing that Saskatchewan saw a $12.6 million decrease in investments for new housing construction, and was the only province that saw a decrease from March 2017 to March 2018.

“The drop in construction activity combined with this decrease in investments shows just how much the construction industry is suffering,” said NDP Jobs and Housing Critic Vicki Mowat. “On top of the constant hits to the construction industry, this government does not appear to have a plan to create and sustain jobs.”

Once again, the Sask. Party’s decisions have led to Saskatchewan falling further behind the other Western provinces. British Columbia’s year-over-year change of investment in new housing was up 16.8 per cent. Alberta saw an 8.2 per cent increase, and Manitoba saw a 1.4 per cent increase, but, as the only province with an investment decline, Saskatchewan saw a 14.5 per cent decrease.

“There has been no real leadership or plan revealed to halt this decline. There is no reason why the Sask. Party can’t rescind the PST on construction contracts and then form a plan to boost the construction industry,” said Mowat. “We need the Sask. Party to take this seriously. In a province that has seen job loss and more people leave to find better opportunities in other provinces, this is the perfect opportunity to take active steps to address this issue.”

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