Sask. Party needs to stand up for producers and investigate beef pricing

LANGHAM - Today, Official Opposition Leader Carla Beck and Agriculture Critic Trent Wotherspoon attended Ag in Motion farm expo and called on the province to use this week’s annual convention of the federal, provincial and territorial (FPT) Ministers of Agriculture to commit to an investigation into beef pricing.

“Producers tell me there’s a serious imbalance between the price they receive for their cattle and the price consumers pay at the meat counter,” said Beck. “The provincial government needs to stand up for consumers and producers to ensure both get a fair deal and are not left behind by sky-high inflation.”

On July 5, the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association called for a beef pricing investigation and shared that the prices of live cattle and retail beef products have diverged substantially this year despite normally having a very high price correlation. The provincial government has yet to affirm that an investigation into beef pricing will be on the agenda at this week’s FPT Ministers of Agriculture convention.

“Saskatchewan beef is a high quality protein-rich food staple that many homes are having a harder time buying in this affordability crisis,” said Wotherspoon. “Consumers deserve to know the breakdown of where their dollar is going and producers deserve a fair price for their cattle.”

The Official Opposition stands with Saskatchewan beef producers and calls on the provincial and federal governments to commit to an investigation of beef pricing.


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