Sask. Party failing families as opioid crisis grinds on

The Sask. Party’s failure to create a system where families can get their loved one treatment for addictions is leaving more and more slipping through the cracks, as yet another family has come forward to share their struggles and stand with the NDP in calling for change.

“It’s heartbreaking what families go through when a loved one can’t get treatment for their addiction,” said NDP Mental Health and Addictions Critic Danielle Chartier. “Families are desperate to find help, but that help simply isn’t there.”

Pam Sanderson has come forward to share her story in the hopes of improving treatment options both for her family and for others going through similar struggles.

Pam’s 22-year-old son has been struggling with addiction to opioids and crystal meth. She has tried to get him help through in-patient treatment, but the existing 28-day program is not enough time to adequately treat an opioid or crystal meth addiction. As a result, she has seen her son fall back into his addiction.

Pam works for a non-profit organization and, like many families, cannot afford the private, out-of-province treatment options currently available.

“The treatment models in Saskatchewan are outdated, and the length of treatment is not nearly long enough to treat meth addiction,” Sanderson said. “We need lasting solutions that focus primarily on long-term care, and that don’t leave desperate families seeking out-of-pocket, out-of-province care.”

“More and more families are being let down while this government sits on the sidelines,” Chartier said. “How many more people need to come forward to share their stories before they finally step up and take some proper action?”

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