Sask. Party cuts leave seniors struggling in long-term care

Recently released long-term care reports show that the Sask. Party continues to fail seniors and residents in Saskatchewan’s long term care facilities. Staffing was identified as an issue in nearly every single health region as Sask. Party cuts have resulted in too few staff in facilities, who are being forced to take on too much.

“These reports are saying the same thing that we’ve been hearing from seniors and their families over and over again; long-term care in Saskatchewan is dangerously understaffed and our parents and grand-parents ­– the women and men who helped build this province – are not getting the care they need and deserve to stay healthy and live with dignity," said NDP Health Critic Danielle Chartier. "Health care workers want the best for residents in their care and are working hard for them, but the reality is that they are being run off their feet. Sask. Party cuts have made it impossible to properly staff long-term care facilities, and both residents and health care workers are left paying the price."

According to the reports, "families are concerned about staffing levels and believe we do not have enough staff" and in several cases, families have even had to resort to staying overnight at facilities to help care for their loves ones. The situation is set to worsen as the Sask. Party continues to try to force their mandated 3.5 per cent cut to workers in health care. In addition to the cuts, the Sask. Party has also hiked the fees for long-term care facilities by up to $600 a month.

“Seniors' care is in crisis and the Sask. Party is still cutting deeper and charging families more,” Chartier said. “The Sask. Party is forcing seniors to pay more but get less. It’s not fair and it’s not justifiable." 

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