Sask. NDP continues the fight for Saskatchewan people in spring session

Legislative session highlights Sask. Party failed leadership on affordability and healthcare chaos

REGINA - On the last day of spring session at the Legislative Assembly, the Official Opposition remains focused on the issues that matter to Saskatchewan people. Alongside doctors, health workers, families and stakeholders, the New Democrat Opposition held the Sask. Party to account on their failures to address health system chaos and the affordability crisis. 

“The Sask. Party has shown they’re completely out of touch with the realities faced by Saskatchewan families,” said Leader Ryan Meili. “Nickel-and-diming people with dozens of new taxes and fees is no way to handle a historic affordability crisis.”

The Opposition has fought for affordability, including:

  • A gas price relief plan
  • Halting the PST hike on fitness, culture, and tourism
  • Scrapping hikes to utility rates
  • Paid sick leave for all working people

Meili notes that the Opposition’s hard work came with wins for people. After years of calls from the NDP, the Sask. Party was shamed into finally making meaningful increases to the minimum wage. Emergency services in Lanigan were reopened only after municipal leaders joined the NDP to call for it. And Saskatchewan drivers can expect a modest rebate after the NDP called for rebates and a rate freeze.

Throughout the session, the Saskatchewan NDP worked to amplify the voices of doctors frustrated by the Sask. Party’s failed leadership, those grieving suicide, struggling with mental health, waiting for surgery, and facing houselessness. 

“Every day, our team has highlighted how the government fails to lead and fails to listen,” said Meili. “Saskatchewan people are hurting, they need help, and instead of helping, this government is in a holding pattern. New Democrats will continue to fight for affordability relief and healthcare that’s there when people need it. ”


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